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ER status: (n=1126)
PGR status: (n=946)
HER2 status: (n=704)

Stage: (n=923)
Grade: (n=160)
Lymph node status: (n=1153)

T: (n=984)
N: (n=859)
M: (n=757)

Restrict analysis to selected cohorts...

Race: (n=930)
Menopausal status: (n=125)

Radiation therapy: (n=122)
Hormone therapy: (n=1111)
Chemotherapy: (n=999)

Compare datasets

METABRIC: long follow-up (median: 94 months), average characteristics (78% ER positive, 12% HER2 positive), treatment data available for this dataset only!
TCGA: very short follow-up (median only 25 months), no grade.
GSE40267: almost exclusively ER negative patients (92%).
GSE19783: nodal status not available, 38% ER negative, high proportion of HER2 positive patients (18%).

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